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Terms & conditions of Wargaming special offer (World of Tanks, World of Planes)


1. General conditions: 

1.1. Special offer is conduct by Kyivstar and Wargaming companies. Special offer means that you can buy game gold at https://money.kyivstar.ua, http://ru.wargaming.net/ and get bonus gold for that. 

•    Buying from 500 to 2499 gold with one payment – you get +5% bonus 
•    Buying from 2500 to 8749 gold with one payment – you get +10% bonus 
•    Buying more than 8750 gold with one payment – you get +15% bonus 

2. Special offer is valid from Dec 01th 12:00 (Kyiv time) till Dec 05th 23:59 (Kyiv time) 2015. Special offer validity period can changed per mutual agreement of Kyivstar and Wargaming and change should be reflected in current terms & conditions. 

2. Special offer terms

1. Any Kyivstar prepaid customer is eligible to this special offer in case of buying game gold with the help of SMART-MONEY service at https://money.kyivstar.ua, http://ru.wargaming.net/
2. Wargaming is responsible for giving bonus gold according to cl.1.1. during validity period of this special offer. 
3. Kyivstar is responsible for the possibility of buying game gold fro prepaid customers at  https://money.kyivstar.ua

3. Other conditions

1. Buying game gold, user accepts current terms & conditions of this special offer 
2. Kyivstar and Wargaming are not responsible for any force-majeure circumstances which cannot be controlled by parties. 
3. Both Kyivstar and Wargaming are responsible for implementation of this special offer, including informing about timelines, terms & conditions. 
4. In case of any disputes re terms & conditions meaning which are not regulated by current conditions. Kyivstar and Wargaming should make final decision together according to Ukrainian legislation.  
5. By act of buying gold, user accept terms & conditions of this special offer. 
6. Kyivstar and Wargaming control implementation of this special offer.  
7. Tax payments, interaction with tax authorities and execution of tax obligations is the responsibility of Kyivstar and Wargaming. 
8. Users, who take part in this special offer, agree by their participation that their personal data can be processed by Organizers in order to execute obligations of tax & accounting authorities, statistical reporting, etc. according to legislation of Ukraine.