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Online Vodafone (МТС) account replenishment service is available to all “Kyivstar” prepaid subscribers Follow the prompts to send money to the account of Vodafone mobile operator.
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from 1 to 200 UAH
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The amount including the commission can not exceed 200.00 UAH
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Сonfirmation code will be sent to this phone number via SMS
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Pay for the service via USSD request:

Send ussd request in the format *124*YYY*380ХХХХХХХХХ#, where YYY - the amount of transfer, ХХХХХХХХХ - number of the person you want to transfer money.

You will then receive USSD-response indicating the subscriber number or amount of transfer. If the amount ≥ 21, you will receive a code to confirm payment.

To confirm the transfer type:*125#, where 125 - transfer confirmation code

Pay for the services by using USSD request

If it is necessary, to replenish Vodafone operator by using mobile account, type from your phone USSD request: * 124 * YYY * # 380ХХХХХХХХХ where YYY - the amount of money transfer, ХХХХХХХХХ - phone number for which you want to make a transfer. Wait for delivery of USSD-response, which lists subscriber's number, the amount of remittances (without kopecks), the amount of commission for providing a service. Please note that if the amount of transfer ≥ 21 UAH you will need to put in a request with a special code to verify the payment within five minutes. For confirmation of inter-operator transfer enter USSD command in the form of * 125 #, where 125 is the code, by which transferring is confirmed . Minimum payment amount is UAH 1, the maximum amount of one-time payments - 200 UAH. Service Vodafone card top up will be available after you spend at least UAH 40 for telecommunication services. The service is activated within 2 days after the expense amount will reach UAH 40.