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Police fines

Police fines

"Kyivstar" provides a comfortable and quick way to pay police fines for prepaid subscribers, using money from mobile accounts. If you pay a fine, pay attention to each field required for filling contains tips that will help correctly arrange payment. In order to make payment it is necessary to choose the institution in which you want to repay the debt or to pay a fine. Follow the instructions featured on this page. If you want to pay for other services after a successful debt / fine payment, go to the Home page of the site by clicking the button "Back to home". For your comfort, all services are grouped into categories. It is also possible to easily find the service, without going to the home page by using the quick search line.
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Pay fine car for the services page

Payment of fines car begins with form filling with requisite details - be sure to include all personal data. Select the city or region of Ukraine from the list, and then select the particular office of the State Treasury according to the place of registration. Provide information about the series and protocol number. Enter the payer's full name and enter the desired amount of money with kopecks (services commission is calculated automatically). In the lower form field, enter the phone number from which the service will be paid. After the payment formation and clicking the button"Pay" system sends an SMS-message with the code requested to verify the payment. The code should be entered in the appropriate field on the site, or send a reply with 5-digit code to the short number from which it was received. Minimum payment amount - 1 UAH , maximum - 3000 UAH (including commission). After implementation of the payment the balance must not be less than 3 UAH.