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Special offer for players World of Tanks


Pay for the purchase of german technology Dicker Max in the online game World of Tanks "mobile money" from Kyivstar with a 30% discount. The promotion is valid from 09:00 (UTC +2) April 12 to 09:00 (UTC +2) April 19. The cost of the package is 305,00 UAH.

In addition to the technique in the recruitment you will find a week of premium account, personal reserves and combat tasks.

Find out the strength of the German premium car Dicker Max - PT-SAU VI level. The machine has an excellent view, good angles of vertical guidance, as well as an instrument with excellent for its level of penetration and single damage.

Hurry! Pleasant shopping! To use the offer, please click on the link below: https://ru.wargaming.net/shop/wot/specials/5389/

Detailed terms of action, see the link