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Bonus Gold Special proposal for Kyivstar clients



From 12:00 (UTC +2) February 16 to  23:59 (UTC +2) February 20 you can receive a bonus if you pay for World of Tanks or World of Planes game gold with Kyivstar mobile money.  

You’ll get bonus gold when you top up:

∙             top up 999 by one payment to get 8% gold bonus;

∙             top up   1000 to 2999 gold by one payment  to get 12% gold bonus;

∙             top up   3000 to 7499 gold by one payment  to get 14% gold bonus;

∙             top up 7500 gold or more  —  get 16% gold bonus.

Enjoy your purchases!

See the Bonus Gold proposal details here:  Rules of the Offer

Taking part in Bonus Gold special proposal, you confirm you are familiar and agree with the conditions of the offer and are obliged to follow them.

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