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Now Kyivstar clients can top up mobile balance of other mobile operators with the help of Mobile Money


Starting from November 10th 2014, Kyivstar introduces services unification for prepaid customers (hereinafter - Customers).

Starting from November 10th, Customers will be able to make use of new options of Credit Transfer service: a) to transfer money from their mobile balance to other customers within Kyivstar network and b) to top up accounts of other Ukrainian mobile operators.

If your friends are in roaming, live in remote places where it’s not possible to purchase top up voucher or for some reason they cannot use Credit Transfer, you can top up their balance even if they are Kyivstar contract clients or customers of other mobile operators.

For Customers, who activated new start pack or migrated to prepaid from postpaid, Credit Transfer will be activated automatically and for free. Please pay attention that activation of services will happen after you spend more than 40 UAH (incl. VAT) for mobile communication services.

Take advantage and use service with the help of USSD-command. In order to make transfer, please enter: *124*XXX(amount)*380XXXXXXXXX(mobile number you wish to top up)#.
Cost of transfer is 3 UAH incl. all taxes.