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Kyivstar subscribers can top up other providers’ mobile accounts by “mobile money”


Oleksiy Kyreiev, Head of Kyivstar Development and Products Management Department: “For a long time already Kyivstar has been offering its subscribers Money Transfer service. Still, the service allows top up your friends’ accounts if they are Kyivstar prepaid subscribers. Today more than 1.5 million subscribers use the service every month which serves as a confirmation of its demand. From now on you can help your friends even if they are other providers’ subscribers or contract subscribers.”

You can use Interprovider Money Transfer service by the two following ways: by means of USSD request or at money.kyivstar.ua. portal. Please, enter the following command to make a transfer: *448*XXX(amount)*380XXXXXXXXX(a number you would like to top up)#.

To make the money transfer at Mobile Money service web portal the subscriber shall visit money.kyivstar.ua website from his mobile phone or PC, choose “Mobile Connection” category and the provider, enter his/her phone number and the amount to transfer. The payments security is assured by one-time passwords for payment confirmation.

As of the end of March 2014 the total number of Mobile Money service unique subscribers is more than 95 thousands and the total transactions number already exceeds 350 thousands for the last 9 months from its launch.

Mobile Money mobile connection service is free of charge for Kyivstar subscribers. The service is available to Kyivstar prepaid subscribers.