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Kyivstar Subscribers Can Load "Mobile Money" onto their MasterCard Payment Cards


The innovative service Mobile Money provides Kyivstar subscribers with the opportunity to pay for the following goods and services by means of their mobile phones: public utility services, the Internet and TV, bills, fines, cosmetic products, loans repayment, credit cards depositing, money transfer, etc.

Since June 2013 the service has become available for the subscribers and for the first 6 months the number of its unique users has reached 70k, the total transactions number – more than 300k. The Mobile Money demand is growing every month. The number of transactions performed by the subscribers via the service is growing by 10% correspondingly.

The most popular option of Mobile Money service is loading funds onto the payment cards; micro-payments, online games and other entertainment services depositing rank the second and payments for the Internet providers’ services rank the third.

Lesia Zaporozhets, Head of Mobile Commerce Management and Development unit in Kyivstar says, "The service popularity is constantly growing.  During the last 6 months the service web-site has been visited by 700k unique users, the 10% of which have made the payments. Starting from the service launch, the number of services indicated at the web-site, which can be paid by the mobile money, has grown twice. Today we have more than 650 services available.”

According to the Kyivstar survey, 4.5% service users make payments by means of their tab, 11% - mobile phone, 84,5% - personal computer.

The user-friendly interface of Mobile Money service allows making payments in a quick and easy way at the web-site: www.money.kyivstar.net. To make payment via Mobile Money service the subscriber shall visit the web-site money.kyivstar.ua from his/her mobile phone or PC and enter the payment details, his/her phone number. The payments safety is assured by one-time passwords to confirm the payment.

Mobile Money service is free of charge for the Kyivstar subscribers. The service is available for the pre-paid Kyivstar subscribers.