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Use the unique offer from "Kyivstar" and cinema network "Multiplex". Feel additional advantage of being "Kyivstar " subscriber today - if you buy tickets to the cinema network "Multiplex" in 9 Ukrainian cities with the help of service "Mobile Money " you receive a guaranteed 20% discount on tickets!*

In addition visiting web-site Money.Kyivstar.Ua you can buy tickets for the concerts of your favorite artists and music festivals all over Ukraine! You can see the poster of theaters , cinemas, circus and other events in your city and buy a ticket for any event. All tickets are paid by the service "Mobile Money" - simply and convenient .

How to buy a ticket to the " Multiplex" with 20% discount?
1. Go to the portal money.kyivstar.ua
2 . Click on "Entertainment" category
3 . Select cinema "Multiplex", in which you are planning to go.
4 . For bookings you must confirm your e-mail or mobile phone number
5 . On the page with the schedule of movies choose the most convenient session
 Pay attention to get a bonus for purchasing this session should be marked brand logo "Mobile money" from " Kyivstar"!
6. On the map , select the location and click "Make an order"
7. Check the parameters of the order - the date and time of the session , the name of the theater and movie, the amount to be paid. If that's right - click button "Pay"!
Please note - after buying the ticket on your account should remain the sum not less than 20 UAH!
8. Confirm the password that will be sent to your mobile number , "Kyivstar", specified at time of order ticket.
Result : You will receive an SMS-notification with a unique order code. To get a ticket in the cinemas, you should go to cinemas’ cashdesk and make an exchange for a unique order code .
Congratulations! Tell your friends that "Mobile money" from " Kyivstar " give a 20% discount for tickets in  "Multiplex" network of cinemas!

Thank you for your purchase and enjoy your viewing!
* Offer valid for sessions marked with the company logo of "Mobile money" from "Kyivstar"!