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Warning! Payments are available only for prepaid subscribers

Help - F.A.Q.


  1. Who can use “Mobile money”?

  • The service is available to all prepaid subscribers.

2. There is system error while using “Mobile money”. What should I do?

  • Check whether the following requirements are met:

           You are prepaid subscriber;

  • Check that you have entered correct payment details
  • In order to pay for the services after activation of Kyivstar SIM-card which are enlisted below, first you will need to spend at least UAH 40 for Kyivstar telecommunication services.  Mobile Money will be activated within 2 days after this. Here's the list of services that fall under this restriction: VAB Repayment of credit,  Balance of payment card VISA , Privat Bank ( MasterCard top up), Forward Bank (Repayment of credit), Forward Bank(bank account top up), Sberegatelnaya kassa, Industrialbank (Credit card top up), Terra bank (bank card top up), Alfa bank ( debit card top up), Alfa bank (Repayment of a credit ), Alfa bank (credit card top up), Bank Vostok bank account top up,  Melitopol – credit,   Bank Bank Vostoc.Card top up, MasterCard (MC MS)  top up, Intertelekom, PeopleNet, Utel (Online), Lifecell, Vodafone, Kyivstar mob. communications, Wallet one, 2Pay Online, EasyPay wallet top up (by number wallet),  FOREX4YOU, LOTRO,  EasyPay wallet top up (by phone number), Web Money, FOREX MMSIS group, FIS, ФІС (FIS), Skype, Oriflame, Faberlic, Altivoip, Odeko Volia TV and Internet (Ternopil), Dneprgas, Replenishment of electronic purse GLOBALMONEYI, Get cash at the box office and ME NE.

   Important: The service is activated within 2 days after the expense amount will reach UAH 40.

  1. What is the maximum amount of a payment?
  • 3000 UAH (comission included)
  1. What is the maximum amount of money I can spend per month?
  • 10000 UAH (commission included)
  1. I am postpaid subscriber. Can I use the service?
  • Unfortunately, you cannot. In order to use the service, you should switch to prepaid.
  1. Got SMS: «Payment not accepted. Expired verification code». There was no charging. What I should do?
  • Send a request for payment again. You will receive a new confirmation code in SMS. This code will be valid for 30 minutes.
  1. Got SMS: «Request rejected. Insufficient funds on the account. Check account and try again. Balance after payment should be at least 3 UAH». There was no charging. Why?
  • Remaining balance after making payment should be no less than 3 UAH. Check the balance in your account and make sure you have enough funds to make payments.
  1. Payment was made, but the addressee did not get money. What I should do?
  • There is a unique transaction number in SMS, which you got after the payment. Call to our service partner (FC Kontraktovyi dim) on 38 044 537 33 74 or +38 097 224 33 22. You can specify whether your payment is received by the beneficiary.
  1. How long does the payment go to the beneficiary when I make payments for services?
  • The payment is made immediately
  1. How long it takes for the payment to reach the beneficiary when I make remittance to the bank card?
  • Payment to Visa card happens immediately, to others in up to 3 bank days.
  1.  Why do I need one-time password for my personal wallet?
  • You need it to make your personal data safe. We use authorization mechanism with temporary password, which is sent via SMS. They way nobody, except phone owner, knows the password to the payment history.
  1. If I get a new password, will the previous password work?
  • Previous password will not work.
  1. These are not questions that I wanted to ask. How can I get additional information?
  • In case of question on “Mobile money” service, call 466 (free from Kyivstar mobile)
  • In case of questions on financial services, call to contact center of FC “Kontraktovyi dim”: +38 044 537 33 74 or  +38 097 224 33 22.
  • In n case of questions on financial services, call to contact center of  LLC "GLOBALMANI :  +38 044 3000 800.
  • In n case of questions on financial services, call to contact center of  LLC " Electrum Payment System” :  +38 044 300 00 30.

 Please note: If you'll have any questions regarding financial services - you can find contacts of financial company you can address to directly on the page of service.